How to Design a Rainforest Theme Bedroom: Decorate a Baby Nursery with Fun Monkeys and Bright Parrots

Creativity reigns when parents choose the vibrant colors and lively animals of the rainforest to decorate their baby’s nursery.

A rainforest theme bedroom or nursery is perfect for both boys and girls. Colorful parrots and playful monkeys peeping through jungle vines can stimulate a new baby’s curiosity. Here are creative tips to bring the Amazon into the nursery easily and affordably.

Start with the Walls for the Rainforest Theme Bedroom or Nursery

Parents may want to choose their child’s bedding and accent pieces first to help decide on a foundation color for the walls. Wallpaper options abound printed with colorful cartoon rainforest animals for babies or more realistic wildlife representations for older kids.

Parents might also opt for the more affordable coat of paint. Vibrant green is the obvious choice when it comes to a rainforest theme.

Once the walls are covered, parents can add a colorful rainforest theme wallpaper border or try their hand at animal stencils. They can use craft paint to add a delicate butterfly, spider monkey, bright parrot, tiny humming bird, stalking jaguar, sneaky anaconda, poison arrow frog, smiling iguana, comical toucan, or a lazy sloth amidst the forest foliage. Peel and stick wall decals or wallpaper murals are an equally attractive option.

Bed Sets Crib Sets, Window Treatments, and Area Rugs, for the Rainforest Nursery or Bedroom

Fisher Price offers popular options for rainforest décor. Their pink crib set for baby girls features an adorable leopard leaping through a jungle forest. Their blue and green version for baby boys features a tiger in the same forest fronds. An option for older kids could be a coordinating solid spread topped with animal print throw pillows and rainforest theme stuffed animals.

Coordinating curtains often accompany bed sets or crib sets, but do-it-yourself decorators might rather create their own animal print window treatments. Animal print rugs are another fun accent to a rainforest theme bedroom.

Decorating a Rainforest Theme Nursery or Bedroom

Parents should first take stock of the toy box to see what stuffed animals will help with their decor. Rocking chairs, beds, dressers, and bookshelves are all great places to display stuffed monkeys, frogs, lizards, jaguars, and parrots. To give the room some depth, parents can use sticky hooks to suspend vines and stuffed monkeys from the ceiling.

Decorators can hang pegs along the wall for a set of rainforest theme puppets. Puppet play is a wonderful way for parents to interact with babies and have imaginative fun with older children.

Older kids might like to choose prints or posters of their favorite rainforest animals to liven up the bedroom walls. Comfy animal print throw pillows and pajamas are sure to make them go wild for the new room.

Shelves are a great place to decorate with a rain stick, colorful South American art and souvenirs, stuffed animals, and storybooks such as A Walk in the Rainforest by Kristin Joy Pratt, The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K. Mitchell, Welcome to the Greenhouse by Jane Yolen, Rainforest Animals by Paul Hess, and so many others. Parents can set the books covers facing outward for an inexpensive way to liven up the room and instill a love of reading early.

Decorators can personalize the room by helping their child snap and frame a collage of pictures from a family trip to the zoo. Even children as young as toddlers can help their parents create beautiful coffee filter butterflies to hang from the ceiling or window.

  1. Use paint sticks to dot colorful markings across a circular coffee filter.
  2. Squeeze the middle of the coffee filter together to form the butterfly’s two wings.
  3. Clip the middle securely with an old-fashioned clothes pin to make the butterfly’s body.
  4. Use a short section of pipe cleaner to twist into antennas.
  5. Sprits the butterfly’s wings with a misting of water and watch what happens.
  6. When dry, suspend the butterflies from the ceiling and windows with fishing line and sticky hooks.

Parents can also scope out a batch of National Geographic or Zoo Book magazines destined for the dumpster and clip favorite rainforest photos with their child. The pictures can be used to decoupage accent pieces for the room such as pencil cans, plaques for the wall, a table and chairs, or nightstand. Touches like these make a rainforest theme room feel special and fill it with happy memories.