DIY Interior Decorating for Kids: Do-It-Yourself Projects for Children’s Bedrooms

Find interior decorating projects that your children will not only love but that they can participate in. Encourage your kids to make their bedroom their own personal oasis.

As your child’s personality develops they’ll begin to look for ways to express it and one way you can help them explore the things that interest them is by letting them have a little control over their own bedroom through interior decorating projects. Rather than just having your child help you pick colors and themes, let them take part in their bedroom decorating project through do-it-yourself tasks.

Paintings and Pictures

One easy way to let your child express themselves in their room is through artwork. Turn some of their best pieces of art into focal points in the room by creating an art wall or framing certain pieces and arranging them in an art gallery fashion.

Decoupage a Toy Box

Another project that your child can do by themselves is a decoupage toy box, tabletop, chair, or almost any piece of furniture you can think of. Have your child select some favorite images, whether they’re family photos or pictures they’ve taken themselves, or if they’re images of favorite characters or simply images they love of horses, cats, dogs, flowers, whatever.

Take the photos and either print out color copies yourself or have color copies made. Then let your child decide how they’re going to arrange the photos. Cover one surface of the piece with decoupage, arrange the photos and let them dry, then reapply decoupage to that surface, continue until you’re done and then add a protective layer of polyurethane.

Latch Hook Rug

Add appeal to the floor by getting your child a large canvas designed for latch hook rugs. Have your child draw a pattern or picture they’d like to put on the canvas and then transfer that, via photocopy, to a piece of graph paper that has a corresponding grid (you can create this by using the table function on your computer). Use your pattern as a guide for latch hooking. Find yarn that corresponds in color and cut it into strips for latch hooking. Then let your child begin their DIY decorating project.

Sew Some Pillows

Sewing is a rather easy task and by teaching your child how to sew they’ll have a skill that will come in handy throughout their lives. Go to the fabric store and let your child pick out some fabrics that appeal to them, then make some very simple pillows. If your child is able to work the sewing machine then they can do the entire project themselves with a little supervision. If they’ve got a more decorative flair, let them add embellishments to the pillows or buy fabric paints and let them create their own fabrics.

Tie Dyed Projects

This blast from the past is a great project for kids and adults. In fact, since you’ll be making large vats of the dye, consider having a tie type party for your local scout group, birthday, or neighborhood gathering. You can help your child tie dye sheets, curtains, or fabric for pillows and other future projects. 100% white cotton fabric works best for dying projects, wash the fabric before proceeding and follow any preparation tips suggested by the dye manufacturer.

By working with your child on a do-it-yourself interior decorating project you’ll foster a sense of pride in their handiwork and their bedrooms while giving them an acceptable outlet for personal expression. Use the above listed decorating ideas for kids to get the ball rolling but feel free to come up with your own ideas that fit your child’s skill level and individual talent.